Geoff McCabe

An Eco Hippie Bootcamp?

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Bootcamp in Costa rica This might be the worst idea ever, but I’ve been thinking for years about doing a bootcamp here for fitness and other skills.

At Rancho Delicioso and Anamaya, we do weekly retreats in which we aim to create a “transformation” in our guests. But with only a week to do it, people have an amazing time, but I think it’s going to take a lot more time than that for truly big changes. Our YTTs are four weeks long, and in that time we see tremendous improvements in health, strength, personal growth, and spiritual connection. Plus, the students become Best Friends Forever.

So, what could we do in EIGHT WEEKS? In the U.S. military, their basic training is 7-12 weeks depending on the service branch. That’s enough time for people to get into the fittest shape of their life, lose the weight they want, put on muscle if that’s their goal, and learn all kinds of new skills. So could we do the same here, but instead of learning to kill people, we’re learning to treat our bodies like the temples they should be, perhaps earn a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), learn to teach yoga, learn spanish, build sustainable structures, become healthy chefs and more?

When we’re young, many of us go into massive debt and dedicate 4-5 years of our lives to go to a University. So what’s eight weeks for a truly important transformation? So I want to know, will anyone really do this if we create the program? If it was for two weeks, it would be September and October 2017.

So if you’re reading this, I’d love to get YOUR feedback about this idea, by filling out this form:

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