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Info for Retreat Leaders

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Lunch for the Retreat Guests and Teachers

If you’re interested in leading a retreat here, please read the following. There are two options shown below (Guest Teacher or Private Retreat).

Guests will stay in The River Palace, Joseph’s Treehouse, or can bring their own Tents. The volunteer house will not be available for them.

Maximum 16 guests for retreats. This includes a guest teacher and/or partner, because it’s the max number of people we can handle in the kitchen.


Option 1: Guest Teacher


With the guest teacher program, you don’t need to pay a deposit but instead we will book and promote a special retreat just for you. You will get paid for teaching our yoga classes ($30/class), and really just need to show up and teach, allowing us handle the rest. You will get paid 20% of our income for each person booked that you REFER to the program. You don’t get paid for people who we book on our own.

Theme for your Retreat: Your retreat idea needs a theme, and you should present a proposal to us for what you’d like to do. A good example of this is the Goddess Retreat that was proposed by Cassandra:

Customizing your Retreat: If you have a customization you want to offer, that can be arranged depending on what you want to do. For example, if you want to take out some of the Permaculture Classes and instead offer more aerial classes, or surfing, or another focus, then we can hopefully make that work. However, we don’t want to re-arrange everything. Our staff have their regular hours and systems for getting things done, so if possible we want to keep meal times and yoga how they are.

Proposal for your Retreat: Tell us about you, what you’d like to do, how you would market the retreat, how many people you think you’d bring with you, etc. Will you make a really cool “invitation” video that we can put on our youtube channel and website to attract people? The better your proposal to us, the more likely we’ll accept it and put in the energy and investment to make your retreat happen.

There are something like 150 yoga centers in Costa Rica, and more every year. The reason people are choosing Rancho Delicioso is because of the farm/permaculture aspect. So whatever theme you develop for a retreat should keep this in mind in order for us to have the best chance to fill your retreat. If your idea doesn’t include permaculture and a farm vision, then we’ll be less likely to accept your proposal. However, you do have the option to do a private retreat here and then you can control more aspects about what’s offered (see below.)

Aerial Silk Retreat LeaderWhat we’re looking for in guest teachers:

    1. Organized – Do you have a good plan to bring guests to the farm that we wouldn’t otherwise have?
    2. Experienced – Are you really amazing at what you do? Do you know how to market to your fans and get them to come to your retreat?
    3. Fun – Is your passion for your areas of expertise contagious and will our guests love you?
    4. Hard Working – Convince us that you’re going to put 100% into making this work and growing a great retreat with us. We want you to succeed and become a yearly part of our family!

Requirements for guest teachers:

    1. You will need to write up a short Bio for us to put on the website.
    2. You need a website or page somewhere that we can link to, that shows all the details about you and your retreat plan, so our guests can decide if they want you as their retreat leader.
    3. Intro Video. You need to make a (minimum 2 minute) video introducing yourself and talking about your retreat.

Guest teachers don’t expect to make a ton of money doing this the first time. You’re doing it because it’s fun, and you’ll be with the guests, enjoying the farm and the activities alongside them. This builds rapport with your students and gives you experience leading retreats. If you have a yoga studio, it’s a great way to create long-lasting bonds with many of your favorite students. If you’re hoping to make money, then you should do a private retreat, but that requires a big fan base, a lot of marketing knowledge, and some investment on your part (the deposit.)


Option 2: Private Retreat


Jesus Tree - Ashley Yoga PoseCost: In a private retreat, you will RENT the space for a week, which for 2017 costs $4800 + Food (see below). You would pay a $2400 deposit to hold the space, and the balance 60 days before your retreat starts. If you’re unable to pay the balance 60 days before the start, you’ll lose your space and we will scramble to somehow find something to happen here during your week. We still have to pay all our staff and expenses. If we add any new accommodation options before your retreat, the price may go up a bit if you opt to use them for your retreat.

Booking Options: You can either handle all the bookings yourself, or you can have us book your clients for you (in that case you refer them to us.) We will put your retreat on our website if you want, and can refer the clients directly to you for additional details regarding the retreat. You can charge whatever you want for your retreat. We ask for a $100 commission for any clients we bring to you from our marketing efforts. Clients you find and refer to us for booking don’t require a commission.

Food: We charge $150 per person to do all the meals for them throughout the week. We can do vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or pescatarian cooking. We will serve organic chicken. We don’t serve red meat here. If you want to bring your own chef and arrange all your own food, that can probably be arranged too.

Add-On Activities: if you want to add some of our standard program, such as beach trips, waterfall trip, permaculture courses, etc, then we can negotiate a price for you for those services. Or you can create your own unique program with your own resources.

    Archery Introduction Class
    Aerial Silk Dance Class
    Beach Trips
    Beach BBQ / picnic
    Boat Trip to Tortuga Island
    Boat Trip to remote beaches/islands
    Canopy Tour / Zipline
    Dinner at Anamaya
    Fire Dance Classes and/or Show
    Horseback Riding (beach trip or to remote waterfalls)
    Permaculture Courses (up to 8 available)
    Pool Party
    Raw Chocolate Making Class
    Scuba Diving
    Snorkeling Adventure
    Surfing Classes or Trips
    Tortuga Island Boat Trip
    Waterfall Lunch Hike to Montezuma Falls
    Yoga at Anamaya Resort

If you want something else, ask us, and we may be able to arrange it. There’s a lot of cool stuff to do here.


Other Retreat Leader Benefits


Guest Teachers get free food and accommodations while you’re here, in a nest bed. If you want to bring a partner, he or she pays half price and must share the bed with you. If you want, you could also stay in the volunteer housing, if there’s space available, to make more room for paying guests in the River Palace.

For private retreats, of course you can do what you want with the accommodations.


Calendar: Available Weeks for your Retreats


For 2017, your retreat will need to fit between our other weeks. It could be either 5 or 6 nights long. If you want a longer time, it could be possible too, we’d just need to plan it farther in advance.

Look at the follow schedule to see the dates that are already taken by existing retreats. Using this, you should be able to see what weeks could work for your program.

For 2018, we won’t have available any Private Retreat weeks for December through March.


Weekly Calendar


This shows generally how we arrange the week, so you should try to fit your retreat’s unique theme and activities into this schedule as much as possible so our staff can follow their regular routine.