Geoff McCabe

Land/Lots for Sale

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Costa Rica Real Estate Map

Map of Rancho Delicioso – Orange Color are available. Click map for a bigger version.

Are you dreaming about living “the good life” in a tropical eco paradise? Many people find Rancho Delicioso and become inspired by what we’re doing here, and are interested to join our community.

If that describes you, then below you’ll find below photos and descriptions of the various lots that are for sale.

For great information about this, send me a facebook friend request to email Send me a message too so I know you’re interested in this. Then, I’ll put you into a private facebook group that only for people who are interested in joining our community. There, you’ll find many people like yourself who have asked me questions, and I respond in great detail. This will give you a better idea of how I think and what we’re planning for the community.

Lot 1: The Peninsula

Size: 4167 m2 (1.03 acres)
Price: US$50,000

This lot is characterized by a large amount of flat space, ideal for gardens, structures, etc. It’s right next to Geoff’s house, and is on the public road, so theoretically it could be subdivided in the future, or could be used for commercial activities such as an art gallery, cafe, cabina rental business, or even a restaurant or hotel. The best part of the lot is down inside it, towards the tip of the “peninsula” which extends with crevasses on both sides, giving it a sense of privacy and surrounded by jungle.

Lot 11: High Point

Lot 11Size: 3065 m2 (0.75 acres)
Price: US$50,000

This very nice lot has a deep ravine on one side, and is a high point on this section of the farm. The ideal house here would be two stories, with a roof deck on top, from which you’ll be able to see all around, including sunsets, the tropical storms to the north and south, and perhaps the tip of the peninsula and Cabo Blanco park.

Lot 19: Solar Power Lot – Under Contract

Size: 5048 m2 (1.24 acres)
Price: US$50,000

This is a really cool property that is sort of difficult to get a grasp on when you see it. It has a small building site when you first enter it, on the left, and a spot for a garage on the right. Further inside, there’s a larger flat space, with a view into a jungle ravine and across a small valley. The downside of this lot, and the reason it’s cheaper than the others for its size, is that the driveway on this lot is also the access for lot #20, so it loses some privacy. It isn’t going to have electricity provided to it, so a potential buyer should plan to do solar power here.

Lot 21: Magic Corner – Under Contract

Size: 5006 m2 (1.24 acres)
Price: US$60,000

One of my favorite lots, the “Magic Corner” doesn’t have a lot of steep areas and would be great for someone who wants to have extensive gardens or a large fruit tree orchard. It has a nice view of the mountains, and is right on the access road with a power line in place.

Lot 22: Super View

Size: 5012 m2 (1.24 acres)
Price: US$70,000

When I first bought the farm, I didn’t think anything of this lot, but after exploring everything and doing some chopping of the brush, I found this is really the best lot. It has the best view, and it can’t be obstructed by any of the other lots. It has several beautiful large rainforest trees, including a rare “Mountain Almond” tree that miraculously survived the decades of tree-cutting in the area. This is one of the best construction woods, and now this type of tree is protected. It has a lot of flat area, and the inside near the large trees has a very special feeling to it. There’s also a ravine, and the property crosses it to the other side, making for interesting topography.

Lot 26: Guava Tree Lot – Under Contract

Size: 5040 m2 (1.23 acres)
Price: US$60,000

One of the most interesting lots, it has two building sites, both of which are very cute and border a deep ravine. These two flat areas also have a ravine between them, which makes for all kinds of fun ideas regarding paths, bridges, and architectural or garden creativity. This property has a nice view of the mountains to the north, and great privacy, with only one other lot bordering it (Lot #27). For someone who wants a bigger parcel, you could buy #27 or #28 to add to this one. #28 would make an amazing addition because there’s a narrow, deep crevasse between them, so you could build a suspension bridge and have a studio and fruit tree orchard out in the “secret corner” and keep the main house by the Guava tree. People who see all the lots always really like this one.

Lot 27: Giant Banyan Tree – SOLD

Costa Rica Banyan Tree

Size: 5891 m2 (1.45 acres)
Price: US$60,000 – SOLD

This one also is really interesting. It has a huge Banyan tree, giving it a very special and magical feeling. It has lots of flat area, and a long “road” which is actually just a ridge of land sloping down into the jungle, that would be ideal for planting a double-row of fruit trees, with perhaps a gazebo at the end. This borders a very deep ravine, so all kinds of interesting a beautiful architectural creativity could place a nice design overlooking these jungle depths.

Lot 28: Secret Corner – Off Market

Size: 5268 m2 (1.3 acres)
Price: US$50,000

This lot isn’t well connected with the rest of the farm. It would require building a long, meandering access road, to the far corner of the farm, with a deep crevasse separating this one from the rest. It would be great as an additional lot to add space to Lot #26, to be used as an orchard or gardens. I would guess that this will be the last to sell and I’ll probably end up keeping it for reforestation or perhaps a grazing area for animals.

Lot 31: Spectacular View #2

Size: ~6000 m2+ (1.3 acres)
Price: US$95,000

This lot has a great north-facing view of the mountains, and two big flat areas for growing good or making a place throw a frisbee, extended gardens, or whatever you want.

Lot 32: Spectacular View #1

Size: ~7000 m2+ (1.3 acres)
Price: US$120,000

The best lot we have, this one has a dream view to the north, and is perfectly oriented so you could have floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing the view without worrying about the sun coming directly into the house to heat it up.

It has a great location too, with a quick walk to get to yoga and other stuff going on here at Rancho Delicioso. It’s also right on the trail to a stream, which is a great hike down to the much-larger Montezuma River. At the low part of the property you could dig a hand dug well and have an extra source of water.