Geoff McCabe

Meet the Neighbors

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Permaculture NeighborsPeople often ask us who owns the lots, so I’m going to write this out here, and try to keep it updated as things change. One thing you’ll notice is that nearly every lot has a yoga teacher or a chef, or both. So, I believe we will soon have the world’s best potlucks!

Lots 1 & 11: This looks like it will be purchased by an amazing man named Joe Pacal, who will bring a volunteer program of youth from a Navajo reservation in Arizona to experience another culture, the tropics, permaculture, and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Joe is of retirement age but is going strong and very active in permaculture and volunteering.

Lot 12: Ken and Janine have build the most high-tech eco house in the area, and they have a thriving permaculture garden. Ken is a retired musician with a couple of platinum albums and Grammy nominations, and Janine is a yoga teacher who runs an eco-minded charity called Greenwave. Movie night is on Tuesdays at their home theater. And they have an open invitation to the community to visit them for sunset and have a glass of wine on their rooftop. They’re using the used bottles to line their garden paths. Ken is our lead exercise class teacher, and they are part of our early-morning surf group.

Lot 19: Heejin is a Korean American architect who currently lives in New Jersey. She’s designing a “tiny house” to build here, and has chosen to go 100% solar for the power. She plans to build in 2018.

Lot 20: Scott and Kim have been teaching at Anamaya every year nearly since we opened. Kim teaches yoga and Scott is a high-level success coach. They have an amazing program called Go Love Now, which empowers youth to be kind and compassionate.

Lot 21: Josephine is originally from France, but lived most of her adult life in the Netherlands. She’s a yoga teacher, a vegan chef, and has a wide array of other skills. She was Rancho Delicioso’s PYP program leader for over a year, and did her first YTT at Anamaya. A very hard worker and dedicated to permaculture and spirituality, Josephine in 2018 will create her own volunteer program based on these principles.

Lot 22: Bryan and Phoebe own the best restaurant in Montezuma: Clandestina. Bryan is from Costa Rica and Phoebe from the Seattle area. They have two kids, Ian (12 years old) and Joaquin (20?) Both plan to be astronauts and I have no reason to doubt that they will achieve this. They will build their house and move full time onto the property in 2018. Bryan is part of the Rancho Delicioso surf club. He’s also a master bread-maker and is famous for his amazing sourdough, which he delivers fresh to neighbors.

Lot 23: Patricia and Martin are from Seattle, where they have a house in Ballard. Patricia is a well-known glass blowing teacher and plans to have a small glass studio here soon. Martin is a builder and a vegetarian chef, and they plan to build in 2018 and live here at the farm from 6-8 months of the year when the weather is the worst in Seattle.

Lot 26: Kevin and Francesca are old friends who decided to purchase a lot together. Francesca is an Italian chef and dreams of having her own restaurant in Costa Rica someday.

Lot 27: Daniel and Trini are from Chile and both worked at the local private school “Futuro Verde.” They had planned to build in 2017 but had to move back to Chile to take care of a sick relative. So they’re saving up to return in a couple of years and re-start their dream here at the farm.

Lot 35: Manuel and Rebecca currently live in London. Rebecca is a professional chef, and Manuel is an adventure tour guide. They are building a Gap Year travel website: Their current plan is to move to live in Costa Rica full time starting in 2019.

Lot 36: Robbie Williamson is a musician, artist, and surfer. Originally from Seattle, he now lives in Southern California. He hopes to live at least half the year in Rancho Delicioso. His house is made mostly from local Melina hardwood, and is a unique farm/industrial design worth checking out if you get the chance.

Lot 37: Geoff, Yasmin and Anika. They live full time here at the farm and run the Permaculture and Yoga program. Geoff is originally from Seattle, but has lived in Costa Rica for 12 years. Yasmin is from Colombia and is a journalist and artist, in Costa Rica for more than 20 years. Anika is three years old.

Lot 38: Permaculture, Yoga and Surf Programs. Here you’ll find the River Palace and our greenhouses. Julio, from Nicaragua lives full time here and manages the other workers. He has a Permaculture Design Certificate and also takes care of Joseph’s Treehouse.

Lot 39: Joseph’s Treehouse is currently available for rent on AirBnB. You can find it here:

Lot 40: This one is currently slated to be a community lot where we’ll build a pool, BBQ, and deck for the community to use for potlucks and gatherings. Many lot owners plan to build a cabin for rent, so their guests can meet each other and share this area.

Lot 41: This is being purchased by a retired couple named Jim and Carolyn who have a permaculture farm in Vancouver, Washington. They plan to build a house and a rental unit, and live part time in Costa Rica, during the cold months of Washington state.

Lot 42: Resham is in the process of buying this lot to build a rental cabin and a house. She’s from New York but currently lives in Florida, where she’s the director of sustainability at Valencia College.

Wonderland: Yasmin is building a restaurant, gift shop, children’s playground, and event space that we hope will be a focus of activity for people living here and great people from the neighborhood and around the southern Nicoya Peninsula.