Retreat Leader Adriana Pal

Meet Adriana Pál. Adriana is a native Costa Rican, and our area’s leading permaculture expert. She is the founder of La Escuela de la Jungla (The School of the Jungle) and has been teaching various courses in the area for several years. Originally with a background in tourism and hospitality, Adriana became enamored with permaculture and sustainability, and has been educating herself in all things “green.” With a delightful personality, a love of teaching, and a natural ability to connect with people, you will fall in love with her passion for the earth and her drive to help protect it.…

Program Leader Scott Goyette

Scott is an expert in the world of education, mindful living, and ethical business practice. As a professional coach, speaker, management professor and consultant, he helps those he serves to live in the moment and realize their unlimited potential. During 10 years as a college professor and 15 years as an inspirational speaker, Scott has become an expert educator and puts service above self and helps strengthen our communities in many ways; one student, parent, educator or audience member at a time. His 25 years of experience in the business world (culminating as a VP of Business Development for an…

Cydney Connor

Cydney is from the temperate region of Vancouver, British Columbia but has spent her formative years in Permaculture Design education and experience in the tropical countries of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. After attending Rancho Mastatal’s Permaculture Design course in Costa Rica she continued her education at Gaia College studying Organic Land Care Management and Ecological Design. Cydney has been working and learning with our local team since September and previous to her work here she was a part owner of the surf & yoga eco resort, El Coco Loco, in North Nicaragua. When Cyd does not have her hands in…

Josephine Hintzy

After some years as corporate employee in various European cities, Josephine decided to re-connect with Nature by purchasing a one-way ticket to Costa Rica. There she discovered permaculture and trained as a yoga teacher. Nowadays, she can be found barefoot on a yoga deck, or hands-in-mud, a massive grin on her face. Her biggest dream is to build an intentional spiritual community.

Irene Alpizar

Irene Alpizar is an Herbalist Intuitive, passionate about energetic connections with nature and has extensive knowledge of plant combinations for healing purposes. She’s enthusiastic about helping people move toward physical, emotional and spiritual health through natural techniques and lifestyle modifications. Irene is also an experienced Cob builder, having made her own house in the area using sustainable materials and techniques. Rancho Delicioso’s cob building classes are held at her place.