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Work-Trade Position Available: Volunteer Team Leader

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Do you have experience with organic gardening or Permaculture? Have you worked or volunteered on farms and have the motivation and enthusiasm to work hard? Are you a natural leader who inspires others through example?

Here at Rancho Delicioso we have a unique opportunity for an experienced, long-term volunteer (minimum 6 month commitment) to live and work onsite at our farm. You will work closely with the farm owners and Spanish-speaking staff to determine and prioritize the work needing to be done and will lead groups of volunteers in their daily tasks as well as organize individuals and teams for longer term projects. You can expect to have to research solutions to problems in the gardens or with the animals, and provide training as necessary to the volunteers. You’ll be experimenting, trying things that haven’t been done in this area before, and documenting the processes and results on our website. Simultaneously you will be helping to build the community at the farm and will be living with the volunteers and sharing in the normal workload of volunteer responsibilities such as house-keeping, meal preparation, animal care, and gardening.

Room and board will be provided, initially in the dorm with the other volunteers or in a private tent onsite, and you may have the opportunity to help design and build a more permanent structure for yourself using natural building techniques. This position can potentially become a long-term full-time job if together we’re able to find a way to generate an income from the farm, in these various ways:

• Create a learning center whereby volunteers get enough value to be willing to pay to stay and work.
• Selling our organic produce and yummy products in jars/bottles to local restaurants, hotels, markets, the public, etc.
• Selling small-scale, ready-to-go hydroponic or aquaponic systems.
• Organic/local restaurant or “farm to table” dinners for tourists and locals.
• Leading farm tours.
• Turning recycled trash into desirable or useful handicrafts.
• Teaching certification courses in various Permaculture disciplines and/or organizing workshops and courses with various visiting instructors.
• Your ideas?

1. 6 month or more commitment
2. Knowledge of gardening (preferably organic), farming, and/or Permaculture (it’s a huge plus if you have a PDC certification).
3. Fluent in English, moderate or higher fluency in Spanish (the more, the better)
4. Hard working
5. Leadership abilities with good conflict resolution skills
6. Able to tolerate the tropical climate
7. You must be fun and awesome!

Help us take all this beautiful potential that we have and turn it into a productive, fun, and top-notch learning center for volunteers and locals, while providing delicious, organic produce for consumption.

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